Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cookbooks! Hundreds of Them!

Cookbooks!  Hundreds of Them!

Yesterday there was an auction down the street from us and my husband and I thought we'd walk down and check it out.  There weren't many people there at all, maybe 40 or around that.

An elderly lady lived there and collected lots of items, such as Mickey Mouse, cookbooks, and Avon.  I remember her walking every day and she would go to garage sales.  She was a widow and lived alone since her husband passed away.

Anyways, things were going cheap and they were selling box lots and piles of stuff for $1.00 or a few dollars.  It was really amazing the deals that people were getting.

In between the selling, they auctioned the house.  It was a nice ranch style house with a garage and a shed in the back of the house (that was filled also with stuff to sell).  The house needed updating since it looked like the 70's, but was in very good condition.  Amazingly, but not really surprising the house sold for $30,000.  A young man that lives around the corner got a nice cheap house.

Well, after they sold the house they went back to selling and went into the house.  They went into a room that was filled with cookbooks of all kinds on bookcases (more than 5 bookcases full), plus Avon collectibles of every kind imaginable.

There were only a couple of people in the room, including my son and I.  We had gone home to eat and told one of my sons about the sale and he came back with us.  The auctioneer started out the bidding for the cookbooks and nobody bid.  I'm not sure what he started the bidding out at but guess what I ended up with?!

Yep, I got a roomful of cookbooks for $10.00.  There were hundreds of them!

 I couldn't believe it.  My husband was outside and my son went out to look for him and couldn't find him, so we went home to get boxes, plastic tubs, and anything we could find to load the cookbooks up.

We went back to the sale and started packing books.  It was ridiculous alright!  In the meantime, I looked for my husband and he was outside in the back bidding on some other stuff!  What the heck!

I told him I got a roomful of cookbooks for $10.00 and I think he said "really"?!  He then told me he just bid on a huge pile of stuff for $1.00.  

Back in the room with the cookbooks my son and I kept at it. We took a load home and found more containers for the cookbooks.  In the meantime, my husband came and started to help too.  We brought two cars back because one wasn't enough.

Finally, we got everything home and unpacked.  So now our garage is filled with cookbooks galore and other stuff we got.

My plan is to look through the cookbooks and put the ones I don't want in separate boxes and have a garage sale.  Maybe I'll sell some on eBay too.  I even found one dating to 1917 which was cool!

That's the way we spent our Saturday.

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