Monday, July 15, 2013

A Little Surprise In Our Breezeway

A Little Surprise In Our Breezeway

A few days ago I was going to go in the garage and saw this little guy hiding in a corner of the breezeway between our house and garage.  I imagine he was pretty scared and didn't know where he was.  He must have hopped in when the door was open.

Here's the little guy on the cement in the breezeway.

I told all the kids and they came out to see the little toad. (I thought it was a frog but my husband corrected me)  He probably saw lots of them growing up in the country on a farm.  My daughter who is afraid of bugs but not toads or frogs I found out,  picked him up to put him outside in the grass.  She just held him for a minute while I took a picture then let him go free to hop away.  Hmm...I wonder if he had a family around the neighborhood.

The little frog.....I mean toad, hopping away!   He really blends in with the grass and all.   Look at those little eyes and the bumpy skin.  They are some interesting creatures.  You don't see many of them anymore.   Good luck to you Mr. Toad!

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