Monday, June 10, 2013

Payless Stood By Their Word

Disclaimer:   This is not a sponsored post and I have not been compensated.  This is my honest opinion and yours may differ.

Payless Shoe Source Stood By Their Word 

I purchased a pair of shoes from Payless Shoe Source in the last part of winter I think it was.   I had seen a nurse in a podiatrist's office and admired her shoes and she told me she had gotten them at Payless.  She had told me you don't have to have expensive shoes if you have to put a support in your shoes anyways, like I do.  Normally I wear Nike shoes because they fit me the best but thought I'd check Payless out.

Anyways, I purchased a pair of shoes at Payless then and remembered the girl that waited on me say that if your shoes rip or fall apart out you can bring them back and get a new pair.  It's been so long that I didn't pay attention to the details, and if you needed a receipt. 

I really didn't wear the shoes a whole lot but did go walking with them and they were getting worn on the bottom.  Well, I went to wear them yesterday and noticed that they were coming apart by the rubber and material.

Since I was going to the city and was nearby it sounded like a chance to check if they would do anything about my shoes.  I asked the girl who waited on me about it and what the girl that waited on me when I purchased them said about replacing them.  She said they didn't have any like this and said they must be 3 years old.  I told her no they weren't that old.  Then she proceeded to tell me that without a receipt she could give me $12 for them.

I thought that was a fair thing and really was surprised that they would give anything for them.  Since I wanted some new shoes anyways, I started trying on some shoes and found 2 pairs that were on sale for $19.99 each.  So minus the $12 it only cost me about $29 for 2 pairs of shoes.  I'm going to be sure to keep the receipt this time.  

Payless Shoe Source turned out to be a pretty good company for me, and stood by their word.  Has anyone else had the same experience that I had?  Let me know your thoughts.

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