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NAAT Treatment Repair Care by NuNAAT {Review}

Disclosure:  I received sample of products to review and opinions are my own.  Your results may differ from mine.

 NAAT Treatment Repair Care by NuNAAT {Review}

My hair is on the short side (I'm starting to let it grow out though because I want a change of hairstyle).  I've been getting it highlighted for quite a few years now and I'm always looking for products to keep my hair looking healthy looking.  I never heard of NuNAAT products before but read some reviews on other blogs and was very interested to try them out because of the positive feedback I read.
  Most of you have probably heard of acai berries.  Did you know that they are rich in antioxidants and encourage healthy hair.   I didn't before now.  Keratin is also great for your hair and makes it smooth and improves flexibility and shine.  That's why I was very thrilled to be offered to try the NAAT Treatment Repair Care line which includes Brazilian Acai and Keratin.  

The NAAT Treatment Repair Care line that I tried included the following:

NAAT Treatment Repair Care Moisturizing Shampoo
NAAT Treatment Repair Care Conditioner
NAAT Treatment Repair Care Intensive Hair Mask
NAAT Treatment Repair Care Leave-in

 NAAT Treatment Repair Care Moisturizing Shampoo:   I was excited to try this shampoo because it has anti-aging action and is also strengthening and repairing.   My hair has been  looking kind of dull and lifeless lately.   NAAT Moisturizing Shampoo was my first product to use.  This shampoo was a lot thinner than I expected and not really much lather but my hair felt clean and fresh after using it.  The scent was good, kind of like berries and not overpowering either.  After I washed and rinsed my hair I was on to the conditioner.

NAAT Treatment Repair Care Conditioner:  I then applied a squirt of the conditioner and left it on about 2 minutes, massaging it in real thoroughly, from the roots to the ends.  This was thicker than the shampoo and had a good light fragrance,  just about like the shampoo.   I was kind of leery of using a conditioner since I haven't used conditioners for many years.  I thought it had been making my hair more greasy looking since I have rather oily hair to begin with.

NAAT Treatment Repair Care Intensive Hair Mask:  This was something that I have never used before-a hair mask.  I didn't even know what it was supposed to do.  The back of the container said it offers deep hair repair and is for all hair types.  It also says to gently massage into your hair after washing.  Then let it act for 20 minutes which I did.  Oh yea, this smelled about the same and good too!  My hair was really getting the treatment and it felt great.  I sat in the bathtub and just relaxed, which I rarely do.  After leaving it on for around 15 minutes I rinsed as it directed and towel dried my hair.

NAAT Treatment Repair Care Leave-in:   After I towel dried my hair I was on to the last product.  I squeezed a small amount in the palm of my hand and applied it to my hair, making sure I thoroughly massaged it all over from the roots to the ends.  The bottle says to let your hair dry naturally so I just blow dried it in the front a bit.  I just combed the back of my hair and I let air dry.

The Results:  

Before Using NAAT Treatment Repair Care 

After Using NAAT Treatment Repair Care 

I'm very happy with the results of using all of these wonderful products!   I used them for approximately two weeks and my hair is a lot more smooth and silky, and it feels more healthy too!   This stuff is amazing to me!  I'd say it looks totally better than before.

NuNAAT products can be purchased at Walgreens, Walmart, Sally Beauty Supplies, Duane Reade (New York metropolitan area) and Navarro Discount Pharmacy. 

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