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School Cafeteria Memories

 School Cafeteria Memories 

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Yesterday I worked in a school cafeteria for grades kindergarten through the second grade.   I occasionally help out and it's kind of fun once in awhile.  You get to see the kids and I know some of the parents and grandparents.   I prepare the salad bar, wash dishes, and assist the cook.  Then when it's time for the kids to come in to eat I help serve.

I served the peas which a lot of kids don't really like.  The rules at the school are that they have to at least have a few of them on their tray.  There are a few that like them though.   It reminded me of when I was little and ate in the school cafeteria.  I went to the same school.  In those days they didn't have a salad bar.  They also didn't serve foods like they do these days, such as pizza, tacos, chicken nuggets and hamburgers.  I was a picky eater and didn't like many of the foods the school cooks prepared.  My mom worked and none of us kids took a bag lunch.  I don't really remember any kids taking a lunch then.  Maybe it was easier to just pay the school.

I also remember the cooks giving me very unfriendly looks, probably because I didn't eat much off my tray.  Those days they gave a slice of tomato on the tray when they were in season and I couldn't stand tomatoes then.  I didn't like their chili either.  They made it with corn and it didn't taste like my moms.  These days the school doesn't even make chili.  Then they also made ground bologna and egg salad sandwiches.  You could choose which you wanted and I didn't like either one of those either.  My tastes have changed and now I like tomatoes and even egg salad!

When I see the kids come in the lunch line I smile.  Those memories of the cooks I had are some I wouldn't want kids to have.  Isn't it something the things you remember?  Even a smile (or scowl) can make a lasting impression.

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