Saturday, April 6, 2013

I Got The Urge To.........Paint!!

I Got The Urge To.............

Yesterday was the day!  I've been wanting to paint the living room for awhile and yesterday I told my husband Kerry about it.  He looked at the walls and didn't say much but must have thought it was an okay idea.  Then he went out in the garage and got the paint roller and paint pan.  All the kids pitched in.  They were off from college so had time.  Travis and Kerry started taping.  Dustin and I started moving furniture away from the wall.  Dustin took a Swiffer and went over the walls.  Karissa and I washed my teapots from the shelf in the living room.  Then we even went in the kitchen and washed a shelf with some antiques on it.  They get kind of greasy after awhile from cooking.

Travis Painting
The Finished Wall

Travis wanted to paint and I was kind of worried because he never painted before.  He did a great job but at the end of the day he had enough of painting because the roller broke.  My husband went to the hardware store and bought another roller and that one broke too.  I don't know what happened but my husband finished painting with the broken roller.

On top of that we had the one can of paint that was a lighter shade than the other.  We have a couple of white spots on the wall now but you won't be able to tell unless you really examine the wall.  It still looks a lot better than before.  The room hasn't been painted for a few years.  They were dirty and marked up.

 It was kind of neat getting the whole family together and working together.  I still have to wash the curtains and put them up again.  It's amazing what you can do in a day with some help!

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