Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Travis Making Potato Pancakes

I have twin sons who are 21 years old and one likes to cook occasionally.  If Travis gets hungry for something he just makes it himself.  He got hungry for potato pancakes recently and so he made potato pancakes.  Travis did everything himself.  First he peeled the potatoes and onions and cut them in chunks and put them in a blender with a little flour, an egg, and salt and pepper,  and chopped them up.

A Hint Of A Smile
All Ready For The Frying Pan

 Serious Cooking

Then he fried quite a few pans full of them.  Travis is good at cooking so I'm sure he won't have any problem when he moves out some day.  I told Travis I was going to put some pictures on my blog and he didn't care, so here they are.  The potato pancakes were good too!

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