Monday, March 18, 2013

My Mishap With 3 Quart Cans of Paint

Okay, I'm sometimes the "in a hurry type of person" when I want to do something.  I don't like to take many trips to the car to get the groceries to take in the house.  This said, Saturday was a day that was not good on a trip home from getting cans of paint.  They were only quart cans and the store didn't give me a bag (I'm blaming them partly also).

I got home and put the car in the garage.  Next I grabbed the 3 quarts of paint and opened the car door.  Well, you can only guess what happened next.  One of the cans of paint slipped out of my hands and the top came off and paint splashed all over the garage floor.  Me, like a dummy walked into the house and told somebody to come and help me clean up the mess.  I then tracked paint which I had stepped in and tracked it in the house and had tracks in the garage too.

My jeans and shoes were splashed with paint and a good coat I had on had paint on it too.  My twin sons helped me out.  One of them started wiping the tracks up and the other one started wiping the giant spot of paint after I got the worst of it.  I kept getting pails of hot water and bringing them out to him.  My daughter washed my shoes off.

Thinking I had all the spots off my coat I washed it and dried it until it was pretty well dry.  Then I went to hang it up and saw some dried paint spots on the back of the sleeves that I had not seen before.  One of my sons got some paint on his good sweatshirt also.

So, now I didn't know how to get dried paint out of clothes and looked on the internet for idea.  One was rubbing it with some paint thinner but we didn't have any of that.  The other idea was soaking the clothes in cold water.  Well, I have been soaking the coat and his sweatshirt for over a day now and the paint is still there.  Maybe I'll have to get some paint thinner and try that, but I don't want to ruin my coat or my son's sweatshirt.

I didn't want to take time to take a picture of the mess but you can imagine a quart of tan colored paint on a cement garage floor and splashed all over with tracks leading into the house.  Yes, it is kind of funny but what a mess!

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