Sunday, March 31, 2013

Karissa's Birthday Party

Karissa's 24th Birthday

My daughter's birthday was yesterday and we had a party at my mom's house.  I can't believe it was 24 years ago when she was born.  The time really did fly by.  Now she is finishing her college education this Spring and is taking her last two classes in Italy.  It's a study abroad program with the college and about 16 students and 2 professors are going.  While in Florence, Italy they are going to take a trip to Rome also.

My husband and I am very proud of Karissa.  She is an intelligent girl and is a hard worker also.  She is going to have a double major in Graphic Design and Art.  Karissa worked for about 2 years while going to college so she saved some money to go on the trip.  It will be a wonderful experience and she is excited to see all the art and eat the food there!


  1. You have very reason to be proud of her!!! Happy Birthday to your wonderful daughter.

  2. Thank you so much Meghan! That's so nice of you!