Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Taste: Tuesday at 8|7c on ABC

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Since I've never watched The Taste before but watched an episode for this review, it was interesting to see how the show worked.  On the episode I watched, the contestants had to choose five ingredients for their team and pair a wine to go with their dish.  It sounded rather hard to do if you weren't a wine connoisseur,  as one of the contestants mentioned.  

It was intriguing to see what ingredients the contestants chose for their dish.  Some of the foods the contestants used were sea bass, pork shoulder, poached salmon and blood sausage.   Yes, I said blood sausage.  The judges don't know which contestants made each dish or what ingredients were used to make it.  The contestants have to put a sample of their dish on a spoon for each of the judges to taste, hence the name of the show The Taste.  The judges pick a winner to go to the next round after they sample each dish.  They also have to choose their two worst tastes because at the end of the show two contestants are going home or eliminated.

  My favorite judge was probably Ludo who is a French chef.  I like his French accent, of course, and his personality. The other judges were Nigella, Anthony and Brian who I enjoyed watching too.  The camaraderie between the four judges is fun and they all seemed to fit well together.  It was also exciting to see the contestants hurry to finish their dish since they are timed and have an hour.  If you'd like to see the episode that I watched just go here.  I would recommend The Taste if you like food shows with contestants that end up with a winner.   It's entertaining and different that the regular food shows.  Watch The Taste Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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