Friday, February 8, 2013

No Snowblower At Our House!

No Snowblower Here!

We had our biggest snowfall starting last night and ending this morning here in Michigan.  No, we don't have a snowblower and that means the snow has to be shoveled by hand!  Luckily I have a husband and twin sons who can do the job.  I have shoveled a lot of snow in the past though, and still help out when needed.  We sure don't get the snowstorms like years ago.  It must have snowed close to a foot in some places with the blowing and drifting.  The snowmobilers are sure having fun today anyways.   The snowstorm was a day late.  The weather forecasters predicted it for Wednesday night so it must have been a slow moving storm, since we didn't get it until Thursday night.  All the schools in the surrounding areas were closed so there were lots of happy kids today!  A neighbor we know just called to see if the boys could shovel her driveway so it looks there will be more shoveling for the boys.

Travis In Front Of Our Garage
Dustin Making A Path

It Was Snowing When I Took This Picture.  See The Spots!!  
Making Headway

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