Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ideas For Short Hairstyles

I have had short hair for quite a few years now and like that it's easy to maintain and doesn't take long to get ready to go out.  Lately, I've been thinking of getting a different hair style for shorter hair and thought I'd show some different examples that I found.

Image credit:  diyushop.com

I like this one but my hair is shorter than this so I guess not.

Image credit:  honey.hubpages.com

Not sure about this one. Kind of the messy look, but cute on her.

Image credit:  woohair.com

I like this too!  What do you think?  Raquel Welsh still looks good!

Image credit:  www.vuhelp.net

This style is cute too!  Might be my favorite.

Image credit:  lucason.com

Looks good but I don't think it would be good for my face shape.  

So there you have it, some hairstyles for you if you happen to have short hair.  What's your favorite?

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