Thursday, January 17, 2013


I wish this fireplace was in my home but alas, it was in a restaurant that I went to today.  I always wanted a fireplace in my home but the only thing I got close to is having an electric fake fireplace.  This fireplace was so nice and cozy, especially in cold Michigan where we live.  There's something about watching the glow of the fire and feeling the warmth coming from it.  It would be so nice to take a relaxing nap in a recliner in front of it.  I got to eat my lunch in front of it today and that was very nice indeed.

It must been something years ago before modern times to only have a fireplace to heat the entire home.  Of course, homes probably weren't very big anyways unless you were wealthy.  The wealthy people probably had fireplaces in lots of rooms.  Someone had to chop the wood and stack it neatly in piles.  Then they had to clean the fireplace and take out the ashes.  In movies I've seen chimney sweeps which must have been a dirty job also.
Now that I think about it, maybe my little electric fake fireplace is enough for me.  I don't want to get any wood or chop some trees down any time soon.  Also the thought of cleaning a fireplace doesn't sound like too much fun either.   It would be nice though in the winter time here in Michigan!  Right now I have to be satisfied at looking at the fake flames of my electric fireplace.  

How about any of you?  Do you have a real fireplace or do you enjoy the fake flames of an electric fireplace like I have?


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