Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Real or Artificial?

  Yes, it's all about Christmas trees! What do you have this year?   We have had an artificial tree for quite a few years now.  When the kids were younger we all went out and picked a tree at a tree farm.  When the kids got bigger we got an artificial tree because it was just plain too much work to have a real one.  Dragging it home and then cutting the trunk to fit the tree stand.  Then you have the needles falling and having to water it.  Real trees are nice but when you think of it, you're cutting a tree down just to throw it out in a few weeks or so.  Just think how long it takes to grow a tree and how many trees that get cut down during Christmas.
My vintage Gurley Candles
Artificial trees are made to look more like real ones these days.  When you decorate them and put the lights on sometimes you can't tell the difference.  I like to decorate but don't really get into decorating the tree anymore.  My daughter is going to college for art and she gets the job of decorating the tree.  She loves to arrange the balls and decorations just so and takes her time.  I'm kind of the opposite and am in kind of in a hurry to get it done.  My favorite decorations are some vintage Christmas Gurley Candles.  They are from the 50's and you used to be able to buy them at Kresge's stores.   They were kind of like the dollar stores of today.  The first time I bought some was at an estate sale a few years ago.  Recently I got some more at another estate sale and on Ebay I also have some old paper mache angels and snowmen that are from the 50's or maybe a little earlier.  Vintage Christmas decorations remind me of the older days and I just really like them.

How about you?  What's your favorite decorations and do you like to decorate the tree?  By the way, we didn't get our tree up yet.  It is still sitting in the box in the corner.

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