Monday, December 17, 2012

Grandma's Birthday and Kleenex Hand Towels Helped Out

Grandma's Birthday With All Her Grandchildren And Kleenex Hand Towels

My mom just celebrated her birthday party and I had the honor of having the family over to celebrate and have a dinner.  With all these grandchildren there were lots of messy hands after eating a great dinner and having birthday cake and ice cream!  

I also kept Kleenex® Hand Towels in the bathroom and the #CleanHands foam hand along side it to show all the guests where to find the Kleenex® Hand Towels.  Kleenex® Hand Towels did a great job of keeping everyone's hands clean and dry, and I didn't have a lot of grimy and dirty towels hanging around in the bathroom.  You should try putting the #CleanHands foam hand in the bathroom to point out to your guests where the Kleenex® Hand Towels are!

Disclosure: I am entering a contest as part of the KLEENEX Hand Towels Brand Fan program and am eligible to receive prizes as a result per FTC guidelines. 

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