Friday, November 23, 2012

No More Yucky Hands With Kleenex Brand Towels

Dirty Dish

Plate of My Thanksgiving Dinner

This Thanksgiving I included Kleenex Brand Towels to be thankful for in my home!  Thanksgiving can be messy with all the cooking and getting your hands yucky with the greasy, dirty dishes, pots and pans!  It seems like I am always washing and drying my hands!  I like to use a clean, unused towel that isn't soaked or that someone else used already (especially when I'm cooking)!  My husband and children sometimes tend not to thoroughly wash their hands.  The result is a dirty towel which nobody wants to use.  This Thanksgiving I kept my Kleenex Brand Towels right on the counter with me so I knew right where they were when I wanted to dry my hands.  They sure helped make the day easier for me, and cleaner too!  If you're like me and like to have clean hands you'll keep a box of Kleenex Brand Towels in the kitchen and bathroom too!   Make sure you don't run out when you have extra company for the holidays (or anytime for that matter)! 
Using A Kleenex Brand Towel

Disclosure: I am entering as part of the KLEENEX Hand Towels Brand Fan program and are eligible to receive prizes as a result per FTC guidelines.

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