Thursday, August 23, 2012

Canning Tomatoes From The Garden

One thing I like is homemade canned tomatoes.  Last year I canned a little over 60 quart jars of tomatoes because our tomatoes were the best we ever had.  This year we don't have many because something (rabbits or deer) chewed the plants and left the stems the day after we planted them in our garden.   We did plant a few tomatoes in the front of the house and I had enough to can 9 quart jars today.  I might have to buy some tomatoes to can some more.  I just counted how many jars of tomatoes I have left from last year and only have 22 jars left.  I use the tomatoes for making chili and goulash.  They taste better than what you buy in the store and it's kind of neat to see the finished product!