Friday, August 17, 2012

A Different Job - Try Doing Estates Sales For People

My sister, her husband, and my husband and I finished working on a pretty big estate sale.  The sale started yesterday and goes till Sunday.  We have been working on the sale since July 2nd.  It has been a lot of work and everything is going pretty well.  Yesterday there were over 200 people waiting for the sale to start.  It was something else.  It is a big farm house with a four car garage filled and also a gigantic pole barn with 3 boats, a tractor and everything else you can imagine.  We are going to start a sale after this ends which will be a smaller sale.  

It's kind of fun to work on estate sales.  People have to take out what they want before we start working on the sale.  We put up tables and price everything for the sale.  You never know what treasures you will find to sell.  Every sale is different. At this sale there is a neat old Beatles pillow from the 60's which a couple of my kids like.  I might get it for one of them for Christmas.  Some people have a lot of stuff and some not so much.  Also, some houses are clean and some are pretty dirty.   Some have a lot of antiques and  some have a lot of just plain stuff.  We charge 30% of the gross sales.  Before it's ready we advertise in local papers and wait for the day to come.  The day of the sale we put up signs and wait for the people to come!

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