Friday, August 31, 2012

Patience And A Beautiful Bouquet

What a great surprise I got today!  I received this beautiful bouquet from a woman I know.  Last January I had subbed for her in the lunchroom at our school.  She had not paid me yet for subbing and the time went by.  I thought she had forgotten about it and sent her a friendly reminder the end of May on facebook.  She said that she hadn't forgotten and would pay me in the next few days.  Well, she didn't' pay me and I just let it go.  I didn't want to be a pest.  So yesterday she sent me a message on facebook that she wanted to drop something off at my house and wanted to know if my door would be open by my garage.  I wrote back that the door would be open.  This morning my husband went out and found this beautiful bouquet with a card in an envelope.  She had a very nice thank you card with $70 in it also, saying that she was paying with interest included.  The usual pay for subbing in the lunchroom is $25 so it was a lot more.  It was a long time to wait to get paid but I guess we have to be patient sometimes.  Of course it doesn't always work out like this.  Some people forget all about paying and really do need reminding.  Anyways, it really brightened my day to get this beautiful bouquet!

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