Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What Do You Eat When It's Hot?

When it's hot out like it's been (in the high 90's and even 100's) I don't really like to cook much, especially with the oven.  We eat a lot of salads and lately I've kind of run out of types of salads to make.  I make potato salad, pasta salad, and macaroni salad or tuna salad.  Sometimes you get tired of salads though.  I made chili a couple days ago because I had the ingredients and my family always likes it.  Also they like it leftover to warm up in the microwave.  I always make a double batch because I have a family of five and a regular batch doesn't last long. 

I asked my husband if he wanted to grill something but he didn't feel like grilling today because he was to the doctor for sinus infection last week and didn't feel very well today.  So we ended up using the oven anyways and hubby made two frozen pizzas (notice how the edges are rather brown).  He likes it that way.  I ate leftover macaroni salad.  Oh well, the oven wasn't on very long.  What do you eat when it's hot?  I could use some new recipes!

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