Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Trying to Lose Weight is a Struggle

I'm just trying to lose five pounds.  Ten would be a lot better but I'll be satisfied with five.   I did lose three pounds according to the doctor's scale from the last time I was there.  That made me smile.  The only thing I want is to be able to fit comfortably in some of my shorts from last year.  There is one pair that I can't even zip up.  Then I have a few pairs that are a little too tight for my comfort.  Maybe some of you know what I mean.  They feel like you were poured into them, ha, ha.  One pair I can get zipped and buttoned but the zipper keeps popping down.  That's no good, especially if you go in public!  I bought some new pairs but I'm still not going to be satisfied till I get into those tighter shorts comfortably.  I've read that after menopause your weight shifts to the abdomen which has happened to me.  Now I know what they mean when they say the "middle age spread" !

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