Friday, July 20, 2012

What I Found In A Barn.....Eek!

My sister, husband and I are working on an estate sale for some people.   It's a big farm house with a barn and shed.  We're about done with the house and have been in a barn sorting all kinds of things like tools, farm equipment, and you name it.  You would be surprised what people accumulate over a life time.  Women really aren't very excited about tools and farm stuff and my husband has to tell us what a lot of things are.  I know what a screwdriver is and maybe a wrench but that's about it.  He grew up on a farm so he knows a lot more about this stuff than we do. 

Anyways, we also found some old blankets and there were mouse nests in them!  I don't know how many dead mice we found (which was kind of gross, but didn't really bother me).  Not that I like mice but a dead mouse is better than a live mouse, hee, hee.  I really never saw a mouse nest before and wouldn't even know what it was.  They like to chew soft things like rags, pillows or the like to make their nests nice and soft.  No wonder they liked the blankets.

I found another mouse nest in a cabinet after that!  I think it was in a box with some other junk.  It was hard to tell what it was but my husband said it was a mouse nest.  Good thing it's summer or there would probably be mice trying to keep warm in it.  Luckily, we never saw a live one yet!

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