Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fun Time Cleaning A Bathroom (Not Really)

I washed our bathroom rugs last week and never washed the floor, cleaned the bath tub and sink till today so I could lay the rugs down.  I don't really enjoy cleaning and it was too darn hot anyways (like in the high 90's and even low 100's).  Like I've said before, I would rather cook or even wash  dishes than cleaning.  Once in a while I get in the mood though.  We have two bathrooms and now I am going to clean the other one.  I always wash the floor on my hands and knees because I think you get it cleaner and get in the corners better too.  It is nice right after you clean to look at the finished room!  If only it would stay that way. After I cleaned my husband came in to take a bath because he had mowed the lawn and got dusty.  I told him not to get the bathroom dirty because I just cleaned it.  After he got done I even went and checked it.  So far so good, although it won't stay clean for long!  Just wondering how often women wash/scrub their floors and what do you use?  Do you use a mop, Swiffer, or do you go on your hands and knees?

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