Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Treasure My Daughter Found In An Old Book (1904 Calendar)

I bought a couple of old books at an estate sale recently to give to my daughter.  I didn't know if she would want them but got a box lot of stuff pretty cheap.  Anyways, my daughter was looking through one of the old books  and she discovered this beautiful old calendar.  It must have been put in the book so it wouldn't get ripped.  The book was from the 20's and this calendar is dated on the top 1904.  It is so amazing and has all the months in the little shamrocks and is in great shape.  Don't you just love the picture of the little girl!  I looked on eBay and a calendar just like this sold for over $100 recently.  I'm thinking of putting it in a frame and just admiring it.  From now on, I'm looking through books!

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  1. What a wonderful find! My aunt owns an antique store-- I know she'd be jealous of such a pristine item!

    Thanks for popping in at the Crazy Train. :)