Monday, May 14, 2012

The Doctor's Appointment That Wasn't

Today I went with my mom who is 83 years old to a doctor appointment she had.  We got there early and sat down in the waiting room.  There was no one else in sitting in the room so we thought we would not have to wait long to see the doctor.  We had just sat down when a girl in the office came out and said "hello girls".  Then she explained that there wasn't any appointments today, just office workers there.  My mom said that she had called last week and make the appointment.  The girl looked up her name and didn't see any appointment for her any day.  My mom has a good mind (better than mine sometimes).  I don't know what happened and who she talked to when she made the appointment.  So anyways, now my mom made an appointment for next week.  It wasn't a wasted trip to the city though.   We went to eat and went shopping:)

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  1. Found you on the MMM Hop!

    You are so sweet to take your mom to doctor's appointments! And any shopping trip is never a wasted one.