Friday, May 11, 2012

Chocolate Addiction

After Easter I decided to quit eating chocolate.  I was getting used to eating a few pieces (or more) every day and I felt like I was addicted to chocolate.  I could tell my pants were getting tighter and I didn't feel right.  I'm the type who can't just have one little miniature candy bar I guess.  I think my mom is addicted to chocolate too.  Every time we go shopping together she has to buy chocolate.  Oh well, she's 83 so I guess she can do what she wants.  It sure takes a long time to lose a couple of pounds after you get to be middle age though.  I remember when I could eat anything I wanted to and was always the same weight.  Those days are gone.  Hmm, I just got hungry for a cookie.  Well, it's better than chocolate, isn't it?

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