Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Beautiful Bouquet From My Husband

Yesterday I went away for a little while to go to an estate sale with my mom.  I got home and there was a bouquet of flowers sitting on the kitchen counter.  I thought it was from someone who I had subbed for at work.  She had gotten me an arrangement before and so I thought maybe she had gotten me something again.  I asked my husband if someone delivered the arrangement and he said yes.  I unwrapped the tissue paper over the flowers and was happily surprised that it was from my husband!  He had gone to the flower shop while I was gone and put them on the counter.  Little things like this really makes a person feel good!  He wrote a nice little note on the card too for Mother's Day


  1. The flowers are gorgeous! Happy Mother's Day! :D Visiting from the hop and a new follower. Enjoy your day. Hope you get to visit,

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  2. Nice post - following you back from My Funny Mummy and the blog hop xx

  3. That's sweet! The best gifts are the ones you aren't expecting.

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