Friday, April 13, 2012

A Day With My Daughter At College And Shopping For Shower Gift

I had a nice day with my daughter today.  She had to go to college to work on an art project she was doing.  Karissa commutes to college and lives at home.  It was an interesting day for me.  We also went to the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum on campus.  There were sculptures from a man named Marshall Fredericks, who was an awesome artist!   He made sculptures of Henry Ford, and so many other great sculptures. 

Then we went shopping for a gift for her friend's bridal shower on Sunday.  We finally found a nice bookshelf she wanted and another shelf  she was registered for.  After that we went back to the campus and carried her sculpture across the campus to another building to display.  In between shopping and carrying the sculpture across the campus we went out to eat.  On the way home we got ingredients for her to make some food for the shower.  She's making cucumber sandwiches and biscotti.   It's going to be a tea party shower.  

On the way home my feet were sore but it was a great day being with my daughter!

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