Thursday, February 2, 2012

School Cafeteria Sub and Smiley Faces

I am on the list to sub for our Lutheran school cafeteria.  Our school makes a list for the month for mothers to work and if they can't there is a list of people to call and they have to pay them $25.  I do it once a week or occasionally.  I help out by serving food to the kids and washing dishes.  The school has kindergarten, first and second grades.  It's fun to see the little kids and see their different personalities.  Today the meal was hot ham and cheese sandwiches, green beans and tater tots.  I watched the kids as lots of them put ketchup smiley faces on their sandwiches.  Some put mustard smiley faces.  Some couldn't get the ketchup out of the bottle and I had to tell them to shake the bottle a little.  It was quite humorous! 


  1. ha! I bet that you could learn some interesting things from those kids!!

  2. Hi there! Yes that's for sure! I checked out your blog and am now following. Thanks for following me too:)