Monday, February 20, 2012

President's Day Trivia

Happy President's Day!  Here's a little trivia about our Presidents!

 The third Monday in February is designated in the United States as Washington's Birthday, more commonly known as Presidents' Day. 

The most common religious affiliation among presidents has been Episcopalian, followed by Presbyterian.

 President William Howard Taft  gained 50 pounds his first term.

 Eight presidents were left-handed.

 The first to have a Christmas tree in the White House was Benjamin Harrison.

 President Obama is the first president to write email as president.

 President James Madison, the county's fourth leader, who stood at 5-foot, 4-inches tall, was   the shortest president.

The term "First Lady" was first used in 1877 in reference to Lucy Ware Webb Hayes.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I didn't realize that Obama was the first to write email as president! Taft sure gave a new definition to the freshman fifteen! I love presidential trivia.

    Mel S

  2. Love the presidential trivia, fun! New follower on linky followers and GFC, found you on MBC. Look forward to your future posts! You can find me at