Saturday, February 4, 2012

Save Money! Make Your Own Popcorn In A Bag!

I love popcorn!  I eat it just about every night.  I don't eat the brand names microwave popcorn but make it myself in a paper lunch bag.  My husband used to make it like this at work.  You just get a paper lunch bag and put regular popcorn (I like white the best) in it.  I don't measure it but just put a few handfuls in the bag.  I fold the bag on the top.  Then I put it in the microwave and press the popcorn button.  You have to get used to how much you need according to how strong your microwave is.  When it's done popping I pour it in a bowl.  Then I use spray butter to flavor it.  I don't put salt on it because I don't like much salt and it's not good for you anyways.  I keep the spray butter beside me when I eat it and keep spraying it on as I eat.  The Parkay spray butter is my favorite.  It has zero calories and it tastes good!  Try it for yourself if you like popcorn.  It's cheaper than the popcorn you buy already in the bags to microwave.  I think it tastes better too.


  1. Hi, Gloria! That is a cool trick! Following you from MBC.

    Mel S

  2. Hi Mel,
    Thank you! I'm going to make some tonight:) Thanks for the follow too. I'm following you too now!