Monday, February 6, 2012

My Prizes From Coke Rewards Club

I've been collecting Coke brand codes for the Coke Rewards Club for about 3 or more years.  The program was supposed to end at the end of 2011.  It has been extended for another year and I'm very glad about this!  I have gotten quite a few prizes since I've been collecting the codes.  I have gotten a three piece frying pan set, a toaster, another large frying pan, and a set of ceramic bowls of different sizes.  You don't have to drink soda pop to collect these points.  If you drink bottled water you get the points on Dasani water.  They are also on Powerade.  If you buy a case of pop the codes are on the inside of the carton.  When you buy a single bottle of pop they are the inside of the cap.  I buy pop for my kids occasionally so I just get Coke brands so I can get the points.  Sometimes when I go to a grocery store I look in the bottle return bins and there are cartons from Coke products with the codes on them.  If you like to get free stuff start collecting Coke codes!

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