Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our Windmill On A Cold Sunday!

It looks like a cold Sunday morning outside today!  The wind is whistling through the windows.  Our windmill by our house is really going around!  My dad got it for us when we moved here about 17 years ago.   At least the sun is shining and we don't have much snow on the ground.  I guess I will get a cup of coffee and look at the Sunday paper.  My kids are sleeping since they are night owls and stay up all night watching movies.  I guess that's all right.  They are good kids!  They are all college students and commute from home.  We go to church on Monday nights.  I like it because it's a nice little group and nice and homey.  My husband is eating lunch already.  I better get up and moving!  It's nearly noon!

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