Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I was supposed to sub today at the school cafeteria and just found out that school was closed today.

We only got a couple inches of snow so I was real surprised when I found out it was closed. Our

school in my town usually doesn't close unless it's really bad. So I guess it will be a day for entering

contests and having fun!  My house could use a good cleaning, but that doesn't sound like a whole

lot of fun.  I don't understand why the school is closed.  My daughter drives to college an hour

away and her school wasn't closed.  I even got up early today and had two alarms set to get

an early start to get ready.  Now I'll have to make something to eat at home for supper.  I

usually get to bring leftovers home from the school, which is nice.  I guess everyone wanted

a day off at the school!

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