Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our Lemon Car Is Acting Up Again!!

A couple of weeks ago I said our Saturn Vue just stopped on my twin sons going to college (which is a 2 hour drive for them).  We had it repaired (it was the second time) and everything was all right till it stalled out on another day they were driving.  My husband thought they might have gotten some bad gas and put some of that stuff in the gas (I don't know what you call it) to clean it out.  Anyways, it ran good again for a couple of weeks.  Now the last few days it's making a squealing noise once in a while.  This car has turned out to be a lemon!  It was a used car but in nice shape and clean.  The first two times we had it fixed it was the transmission that was bad (I know, that's not a good thing).  I told my husband we should just trade it in.  I will see what he decides to do today.  More later......

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