Wednesday, January 25, 2012

College Is Expensive!

We have 3 kids going to college.  Most people only have 1 going to college at a time, maybe 2.  I really don't know how we do it.  Our daughter is 22 and our twin sons are 20.  They all commute to school so that saves money but it's still so expensive.  I remember when they were little our biggest expense was diapers!  That seems like yesterday and now they are college students!  My daughter is going for graphic design and my sons are going for digital video production.  Hopefully they will all get a job when they are done.  It sure isn't like the old days when you just needed a high school diploma to get a job.  Jobs are not plentiful so it's scary thinking about whether or not they will get a job when they graduate.  I know they will have to move to a city to get a job that they are going to school for.  There aren't jobs in our town. 

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