Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My Husband Loves It! Aposon 9058CL Mens Business Casual Watch #Aposon #Review

Disclosure: I received free watch for review purposes and all opinions are my own.
Aposon 9058CL Mens Business Casual Watch

My husband has been looking for a new watch lately. He is used to wearing a watch every day and doesn't go without out one....of course he doesn't wear it to bed, haha. He doesn't really like watches with stretch bands because they get caught on his wrist hairs and that hurts.

The Apson 9058CL Mens Business Casual Watch is the perfect watch for hubby. When I first saw the watch I thought it was very attractive myself. You could wear it for casual wear or even dressing up. It has a stylish and genuine leather band which is a rich brown color and looks so good on my husband's wrist.

You can adjust the band to fit your wrist because it has seven notches to get the right size. He buckeled it on the second to last notch and I would say he has a medium size wrist. The length of the band is 9.5 inches. It also features a stainless steel dial case back cover case which looks very high quality.

The face of the watch is white in color and is a good size...with a diameter of 1.6 inches. It features roman numerals which are easy to read without squinting. It also shows the day of the month on the right side of the face, which is always handy to have. The watch is normal waterproof for daily use but is not for long term underwater activities such as swimming or being in the shower.

My husband set the time and has been wearing "his" new watch for a couple of days and just loves it! The Japanese Quartz Movement is keeping accurate time and he says it's also comfortable to wear. I'm sure he'll be wearing it all the time.

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