Thursday, February 25, 2016

Save Your Hearing with FSL Safety Earmuffs #Review #FSLDecimateEarProtection

FSL Safety Earmuffs

My hearing isn't as good as it used to be. I know my husband can't hear as well as he used to years ago either. He can't hear me when I'm talking right next to him lots of times. I say something and nobody answers...maybe it's just not his hearing, haha. All joking aside, both my husband and I can't hear as well as we used to. My kids have noticed occasionally when I have to ask them to repeat what they just told me. I've heard that you can lose some of your hearing from loud noises so want to prevent any more hearing loss if possible.

When my husband mows our lawn the lawnmower is very loud and I've told him he needs to have some earmuffs for his ears. He's never gotten any as yet so I was excited to receive the FSL Safety Earmuffs for us to try out recently.

These earmuffs came delivered in excellent condition in a sturdy box. I could tell these are built to last and are made of very durable materials. The earmuffs can fit any head size and are adjustable so you can get your exact fit. They also have soft padding by your ears which make them comfortable to wear.

You can use them for anywhere you want some noise reduction. Besides mowing lawn, they could be used for hunting, construction, home improvement, shooting, or whenever you need some hearing protection and to reduce the noise.

I love how these earmuffs can fold in half so you can store them away and not take up much room. It also makes it nice and portable to take with you. I've tried them around the house. They're snug on my head and really help to muffle sounds. These FSL Safety Earmuffs are great and we will be getting a lot of use out of them.


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