Saturday, July 18, 2015

Remote Performance Measurement and Monitoring ~ Footbed Power Meter

RPM² is the first footbed power meter in the world. This is an awesome new technology which is a remote force measuring shoe insole that is used to help athletes from potentially reducing injury.  It provides accurate date to help athletes be stronger, better and achieve higher performance.
The RPM² provides data related to range of motion, gait, power and force. How it works is you perform the exercises and the RPM² shows you detailed reports designed to help develop strength and conditioning exercises. This in turn helps to achieve bilateral equivalence and higher performance.

The  RPM² is pre-set with four "range of motion" exercises, seven "gait" exercises, and three "pressure" exercises. Additionally, it also includes four cycling exercises.  A very nice feature on the RPM² app is that every time you exercise, run or cycle, your date will automatically be sent to your coach. This is great in that they can adjust training regimens and techniques to achieve higher performance.
To download the RPM² app for Android users all you do is go to Google Play. Then go to your all "Markets", and search for RPM², then click "Install."  For Apple users go to your "App Store", click search for RPM² and then click "Install".
This past May,  the Triathlon Research, Miranda Carfrae Elite Training Camp in Boulder Colorado was held. There were 50 triathletes from all around the world who engaged in 5 days of elite triathlon training. The RPM² was used to meaure differences in pre and post coaching gait analysis.
If you're an athlete or know one, help get higher performance and accurate data with the RPM² !

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post powerered by eAccountable and I may be compensated.

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