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Motivate Your Child Action Plan ~ Book Review

Disclosure: I received complimentary product in exchange for my unbiased review. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.

Motivate Your Child Action Plan ~ Book Review

Book Summary (Taken From Website):

A specific plan tailored to your child will maximize change.
Action Plan Road
Learn how to develop a parenting plan that takes your child’s unique needs into account. Use the outline of firmness, visioning, teaching, prayer, and coaching to flesh out a strategy to move your child from where he is today, to where he needs to go. The Motivate Your Child Action Plan walks you through the process of identifying an area of weakness and then naming the character quality that needs to grow in your child’s heart. Read about the value relationship and learn the building blocks to make relationships strong in your home. From there you’ll have the framework to move through each day with greater direction and confidence.
The Motivate Your Child Action Plan will give you the tools to address sibling conflict, poor school performance, disrespect, laziness, procrastination, sloppy work, emotional outbursts, self-centeredness, and so much more.
This approach will equip and empower you to parent any age child, from toddlers to teenagers, and beyond. If you have a problem to address in your child, this book can help you envision the solution and then lay out the steps to get there.
What problem would you like to address in your child?
Use this Action Plan to bring about change.
Motivat my child

12 Audio Presentations by Dr. Scott Turansky
and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN will guide you as you make your own Action Plan.

My Thoughts:

I was very happy to be able to review the book Motivate Your Child Action Plan by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN,BSN. It was published by the National Center for Biblical Parenting. This is a paperback book with 162 pages

As we all know, raising children doesn't come with instructions or a manual. I thought this book was an excellent source of information to help with problems and challenges that arise. It isn't a quick fix for problems but is rather about developing change through a plan that is centered in God.

There are 12 chapters which include the following:

1. Change in Forty Days
2. Where Do You Want to Go?
3. The Map to Get There
4. Working Together
5. A Place for Firmness
6. Visioning Moves You Forward
7. Teaching Shows the Way
8. Spiritual Energy Provides Strength
9. Coaching Sets the Attitudes
10.Building Motivation from Within
11.Growing Together
12.Good Theology Makes it Work

Motivate Your Child Action Plan emphasizes different strategies and suggestions how to help you and your child move forward. The book talks of five components of a plan to move a child forward: Firmness, Visioning, Teaching, Prayer, and Coaching. For example the first chapter deals with changing in the heart which the author says is more powerful than behavior changes  It also states the importance of prayer before you start an action plan with your child.

I like that the book is centered on bible teachings and tells various stories of children's situations. It shows you how challenges can be handled with different approaches to what you may be doing now. It also tells how communication with your child can lead to new solutions.

In Chapter 4 "Working Together" the book discusses how in order for a relationship to remain strong between your children and you, there must be a continual flow of deposits to balance out the withdrawals. This chapter also tells how to build foundational tools for building a stronger relationship. The parent is asked what kinds of things they can do to contribute to a close relationship between themselves and their child.

Chapter 8 "Spiritual Energy Provides Strength" discusses the power of the Holy Spirit. One of the stories deals with a 13 year old that had extreme anxiety and was fearful of going in public. He met with a counselor who helped him by telling him about how one of the parts of the fruit of the Holy Spirit is peace. The boy practiced yielding himself to the Holy Spirit by prayer and made a decision to let his fears go. His anxiety was gone in a few weeks and believes that God did a miracle in his life.

There is so much information in the book that you can use over and over. It isn't a book that you will read just once, but can go back to it for guidance. It can be used for children of any age, from toddlers, teenagers and older. You can use the book for just about any type of struggle that you are having with your child.

I would really recommend this book to any parent. It has great advice that can help you grow with your relationship with your children.

Check out their website at National Center for Biblical Parenting to get your own book. In addition to the book you also get 12 audio presentations which you can download to develop your own plan of guidance for your child.

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