Friday, February 3, 2012

Insomnia and Menopause

I've been going through menopause for the last couple of years or so.  I used to be able to get to sleep most of the time very easily.  I just went to bed and in a half hour or less I went to sleep.  The last year or so I just can't get to sleep.  So of course I get up and eat.  I thought getting up earlier in the morning would make me so tired I'd get to sleep easier.  It works a little but it still takes me up to a couple of hours or around that to finally get to sleep.  Last night I got up and ate miniature candy bars and some snack party mix.  I'd probably be skinnier if I didn't do this but it's become a habit.  I looked up symptoms of menopause and it said insomnia is one of them so now I know why this is happening.  Isn't menopause fun!

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