Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Easy No-Bake Spider Treats (Also Win A Chance To Make Your Own)! GO TO THE LINK ABOVE TO ENTER TO WIN THIS AWESOME GIVEAWAY!

When the guys over at Fleischman Hillard asked if I was up for making some raisin treats, since I had worked with them earlier when the California Raisin guy was nominated, I was slightly skeptical. One was I a not a great baker and secondly I am a vegetarian so I don’t use eggs and the non egg baking is always tricky. Then I heard that no baking was involved and no eggs too. To convince me further they sent me a box with all the ingredients. Lazy me who hates shopping for a recipe agreed. Before I paint the wrong picture I am big on cooking, baking, not so.

So I just got the box today and called up my 4 year old who amazingly helped me with the recipe. I used my Ninja Master Chef and with little work managed to get everything done. A warning that things do tend to get a little sticky, well that should be expected when honey and melted chocolate are part of the ingredients. Also don’t be alarmed when you see my treats look different from the final product picture. I come from the mothering that it is more important to me that the kids really get their touch to something rather than me try to make it perfect. Check out the recipe for Spooky Raisin Spiders.

Raisin Spooky Spiders v3

The guys at Fleischman Hillard also offered to give one of my readers all the ingredients (along with a few extra goodies) to make their own Spider Treats.

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